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For many, the kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the home. We feel that the functionality of a kitchen is just as important as its aesthetic appeal and design. Whether it is a modest makeover or a full kitchen remodel, we start with four basic concepts:

  1. If possible, the sink should always be centered underneath a window. Doing this provides for a center focal point in the kitchen, as well as giving the homeowner the ability to gaze out of the window while doing dishes or working at the sink.
  2. Plan the corners of the kitchen. The most efficient use of corner space will usually involve storage such as a lazy susan or revolving shelves. Some corners can be more challenging to come up with solutions dependent on the distance to the sink or other items which cannot be moved easily.
  3. Plan appliance locations. The dishwasher, if desired, must be placed to the right or left of the sink, and the stove and fridge should be located to create the kitchen triangle that we have all heard about. “Landing spaces” on the countertops should be planned at least 9 inches to either side of each appliance if possible.
  4. Fill the rest of the area with wall and base cabinets taking care to think about such things as drawer banks close to the dishwasher and within easy reach of the stove. Spice racks, drop down soap trays, and creative ways to handle rubbish and recycling needs can all be brought into the plan to help us design you the kitchen of your dreams.


As well as kitchens, remodeling your bathroom provides another great way to invest in the overall value and comfort of your home. The amazing assortment of jetted tubs, steam showers, elongated and round front toilets, executive height vanities, and ceramic tiles of every conceivable design will help you transform your dated bathroom into one which you absolutely enjoy using. We have partnered with all of the major plumbing specialty retailers in the area to give you the widest design possibilities.



Are you happy with the location of your home? Many families love the home they are in, but need more space. In these cases, it is often more realistic to decide on building an addition than moving and disrupting family life. Whether it's a new master suite and bathroom, kitchen and family area to entertain extended family and friends, or reclaimed space in the basement for new living areas, a well planned and executed addition will make the space look and feel as though it has always been a part of the home.



Let’s face it, when the weather is nice we want to be outside as winters can be long in the Greater Binghamton area. A new, or newly refurbished deck can be the extension of your indoor living space and connection to the outdoors. Traditional pressure treated lumber looks good on nearly any home, but for greater design options and easier maintenance, consider the myriad colors and patterns of composition decking and railings. Screened in areas can help you enjoy your new deck well into the evening hours with flexible lighting options and the like. We love building decks and want to help you design the deck of your dreams.

Windows & Siding


Remodeling the exterior of your home can often be just as important as remodeling the inside. There are many options available to improve the curb appeal, as well as the value, of your home. One common exterior makeover option is to replace your homes siding. We offer many diverse styles of quality vinyl products and concrete composites to choose from. When it comes to new siding, the possibilities are virtually endless. Updating or upgrading your windows and doors is another way to improve the exterior look of your home while also giving you the added benefits of lower maintenance, increased security and energy savings. We often tell clients that they are paying for new windows now in the potential lost money in energy efficiency and the benefits they will provide as outlined above. We can get nearly any window made and have them installed professionally so you can start enjoying the savings and comfort they are sure to provide. New siding and windows are obvious choices when it comes to improving the exterior look of your home.


There are several foundation issues that can occur over the life of a structure. Problems in a home's foundation can lead to larger structural problems, possibly causing an unsafe living environment. Often times, homeowners are un-aware that a foundation problem may exist until they notice some of the warning signs that become apparent such as cracks in drywall, doors or windows that are difficult to open or close, or sagging floors.

Whether it is a simple crack or spalling, or if it is a catastrophic failure that requires an entire or partially new foundation that so many of our customers have experienced due to the recent floods; We at Kiefer-Randall are experienced in all aspects of foundation work and will ensure that one of the biggest headaches you can ever experience with your home will be handled with the utmost professionalism, skill, and care.

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